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2.75”h x 4.5”d x 3.5”w
(8 oz)

My work is meticulously hand crafted. I design, prepare materials, print, assemble, bisque-fire, sand, glaze, and glaze-fire each cup in my studio. I use around 40 custom colors and mix all of my own clay, slip and glaze from scratch using raw materials. Because these cups are 100% handmade using thin clay slabs, light warping is expected and no cup is perfectly round. Each cup is fired to 2160 F in an electric kiln and is light, durable and strong. It can be used daily with both hot and cold liquid. Please care for your cup like you would fine china:

1. Hand wash only
2. Air dry or towel dry after washing
3. Do not microwave

Shipping & handling is not included in the listed price. Cost of shipping will be added at check out.

US Orders: $10 per cup
International Shipping: $25 per cup

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